Wedding idea

Everyone who plans a wedding is so happy and looking forward to it. Usually, weddings are the same with the traditional white wedding dress and suit, even the place where the wedding takes place is not unconventional for most couples. But then there are also people who somehow „get out of line“ and imagine their wedding somewhere completely different than most people. Most people have their wedding somewhere in the office, or perhaps by the sea. What about the others? Is there any other place that attracts others to spend their unforgettable day, i.e. wedding? You know it is. And we`ll talk more about what kind of place I`m talking about in this article.


Wedding at the shooting range

If you are a person who enjoys different sports and likes different challenges, then one of those challenges for you will definitely be a wedding at a shooting range. A shooting range wedding is rarely seen, but it is also an opportunity to celebrate your wedding day and make it a little more special. And that`s the point, in a way. So why not make your upcoming most beautiful day according to your imagination? When I was planning my wedding, I thought a lot. I`m a person who likes both – both romance and girly things like that.


And deciding where to have my wedding was really very difficult for me. In the end, I chose a shooting range wedding – after all, I found it much more interesting and attractive than the classic wedding that everyone else has and it`s just one and the same routine. Well, this is how I arranged and organized the wedding myself in this spirit, and believe me or not, when I saw the decoration and everything around it, I was excited. It was perhaps an even better feeling than if I had a classic normal wedding. So even though I was hesitant at first, I was happy that I could have my wedding at the shooting range. Coincidentally, I also enjoy shooting in Prague and go to the range regularly, so it was easy.

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